5500 Mill Size Baler

The WMS Mill Size Baler can produce a bale of between 350 - 500kg (Dependent on the material being baled) and is the most effective mill size baler available.


The ideal solution for wholesalers, factories and anyone who produces high volumes of cardboard and plastic waste. 
The mill size baler produces a bale of up to 500kgs and is fully CE certified and is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. It incorporates all the standard features of a Mill Size Baler which includes: 

  • 4 wire tying for a secure bale
  • A fully automated bale ejector which makes bale ejection clean and simple
  • Retaining claws which prevent spring back
  • Hydraulic cylinders can be easily lowered for transport


  • The stand out feature of the new PEL Mill Size baler is the connection to wireless devices which notifies users when a bale is full through an automated text message.
  • Fully automated bale ejector makes bale ejection clean and simple.
  • Automatic cycle: A bale can be produced with the touch of a button. This requires less manpower and saves time.


Height 3260mm 123 3/8''
Transport Height 2300mm 90 35/64''
Width 1900mm 74 3/4''
Depth 1160mm 45 5/8''
Weight 2,000kg 4,410lb
Cycle Time 50 seconds  
Pressing Force 50 Tonne  
Noise Level 85dB  
Bale Specifications
Bale Height 1100mm 43 5/16''
Bale Width 1,200mm 47 1/4''
Bale Depth 900mm 35 7/16''
Feed Aperture W: 1150mm X H: 650mm W: 45 1/4'' X H: 25 9/16''
Bale Weight (Cardboard) 350 - 500 Kg 770lbs - 1100lbs
Power 3 Phase 50Hz  
Certification CE Certified. Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.  
Colour Green  
Finish Primed and powder coated salt resistant coating.  

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