1500 High Density Baler

The WMS 1500 High Density Baler is an automatic baler suitable for baling waste cardboard, paper and plastics into a bale weighing 150-200 Kg depending on material being baled.

The WMS 1500 high density automatic baler can be used for a variety of waste materials including cardboard, paper, dry and wet plastics reducing the volume of these materials by up to 90%.  The WMS 1500 can also be used as a drum crusher.
High Density Baler Features

  • Automatic Baler - more efficient use of operator time
  • Easy to load
  • Hydraulic bale ejection
  • Low noise levels
  • Retaining claws to prevent spring-back
  • Long stroke cylinders


  • The long stroke cylinders on the baler help create a denser more compact bale. Useful when baling waste types such as plastic or corrugated cardboard.
  • Drum crusher option: The 1500 baler will crush a 205 litre drum down to 280mm, (a reduction in volume of 3:1).
  • Collector tray available to collect any liquid dispersed when baling.


Height 2,400mm 91 1/2''
Transport Height 1800mm 70 55/64''
Width 1,540mm 60 1/2''
Depth 900mm 35 7/16''
Weight 500kg  
Cycle Time 60 seconds  
Pressing Force 15 Tonne  
Bale Specifications
Bale Height 820mm 32 1/4''
Bale Width 1100mm 43 5/16''
Bale Depth 700mm 27 9/16''
Feed Aperture W: 1100mm X H: 550mm W: 43 5/16 X H: 21 5/8''
Bale Weight (Cardboard) 150 - 200 Kg 308 - 408lb
Power 220 Volt or optional 110 Volt  
Certification CE Certified. Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards.  
Colour Green  
Finish Primed and powder coated salt resistant coating.  

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